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Проверь себя

Мы предлагаем Вам определить уровень знаний английского языка и пройти наш тест. Вам необходимо выбрать из предложеных вариантов недостающее слово и прислать нам по электронной почте результат вашего теста. Мы определим Ваш уровень знаний и пришлём по почте результат теста.

1. What’s……name?

a) you

b) she

c) your

d) yours

2. We're Chinese, we’re……Peking.

a) for

b) from

c) in

d) at

3.  Jane’s……. nice and polite. 

a) a

b) from

c) very

d) at

4 …… a light?

a) Do have you

b) Do you got

c) Have you got

d) Are you have

5. Margaret……usually come by bus.

a) doesn’t

b) isn’t

c) don’t

d) aren’t

6. They…… at home last night.

a) aren’t

b) weren’t

c) don’t

d) didn’t

7. What…… you say?

a) are

b) have

c) were

d) did

8. Why……crying?

a) are you

b) you are

c) do you

d) you do

9. Where…...to spend your holidays next Summer?

a) you are going

b) are you going

c) you will

d) will you

10. …...never been to the theatre before.

a) I’ll

b) I’m

с) I can

d) I’ve

11. Seiko watches…...in Japan.

a) are made

b) made

c) make

d) are making

12. Where…...when you met him?

a) does he live

b) was he live

c) was he living

d) is he living

13. If…...I’ll tell him you called

a) I’ll see him

b) I see him

c) l’d see him

d) I saw him

14. What…...since you arrived?

a)are you doing

b)will you do

c) did you do

d) have you been doing

15. Wine…...made in Italy for thousand of years.

a) have been

b) is being

c) has been

d) are being

16. My husband…...live in Spain.

a) use to

b) was use to

c) used to

d) was used to

17. If I…...I would go out more.

a)wasn’t married

b) didn’t marry

c) wouldn’t marry

d) haven’t married

18. I was very…...in the story.

a) interested

b) interesting

c) interest

d) interests

19. You…...come if you don’t want to.

a) don’t need

b) needn't

c) needn't have

d) didn’t need

20. I…...see you tomorrow. I’m not sure.

a) maybe

b) will

c) can

d) might

21.  …...is bad for you.

a) Smoking

b) The smoking

c) To smoke

d) Smoker

22. I…...told him if I had known he was your brother.

a) hadn’t

b) wouldn’t

c) wouldn’t have

d) don’t have

23. He…...living there for three years before they found him.

a) had been

b) has been

c) might be

d) could be

24. I wish you…...all the time.

a) don’t shout

b) won’t shout

c) wouldn’t shout

d) haven't shout

25. By the time you arrive.......

a) he'll leave

b) he’ll have left

c) he leaves

d) he left

26. The house......built in the 16th century.

a) might have been

b) might be

c) might have be

d) might have

27. Don’t forget......me a newspaper

a) buying

b) that you buy

c) to bought

d) to buy

28. Whenever there was a visitor, the dog……to the door.

a) will run

b) is running

c) would run

d) was running

29. He is an executive in.......

a) the car industry

b) car industry

c) car industries

d) car industrial

30. Peter sold his car…...save money

a) as a result

b) so he

c) in order to

c) because to

31. He advised me…… the doctor.

a) that I see

b) to see

c) seeing

d) see

32. I……traveling by bus.

a) am not used to

b) didn’t used to

c) used to

d) do not used to

33. He didn’t come last night. I wish that he......

a) had

b) did

c) have

d) has

34. I am going to a wedding. I need to…...

a) be cutting my hair

b) cutting my hair

c) have my hair cut

d) get cut my hair

35. Which would you……have gold or silver?

a) prefer

b) could

c) rather

d) better

36. My sister has been in Hospital. I wonder how she......

a) is getting on

b) gets on

c) has got across

d) is getting away

37. The man said he didn’t……to go by bus.

a) care for

b) bother about

c) mind having

d) much mind

38. Although he confessed to the crime, the judge let the boy.....

a) alone

b) come

c) off


39. I’ve never……that word before.

a) gave away

b) come across

c) come over

d) come into

40. The student could not answer the question so he.....

a) gave off

b) gave into

c) gave up

d) gave away

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